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Our team guide you to find targets, perform due diligence and build business value in the companies you are invested in.


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James Murray has an amazing ability to bridge the IT world and the business world. James explains complex concepts in simple terms and illustrative pictures. His sense of humor puts everyone at ease in his seminars and consulting meetings.  James always focuses on what is best for the client."

Margaret Dorchester, CMC®, PMP® - Dorchester Consulting

Technology is mission critical, but also the weak link for most businesses.  We turn technology and digital system from weakness into competitive advantage.


AI Algorithms and human interaction to find targets.

IT Due Diligence

Reducing Investment Risk by identifying technical weakness.


Maximizing EBITDA by maximizing technology and digital strategy.
Are you an IT Hostage? 

Most business experts are not technical experts.  While most technical experts are not business experts.  This leaves a technology and communication gap that leaves most Business Executives feeling like hostages to their IT Team(s).  Invest in or buy that company and you become another IT Hostage.  As our clients have learned there is a way out.

Hostage Proof your investments!

Our record! After suffering for 18 months, a client called with a technical problem.  We walked in thinking we were solving a technical problem.  Four billable hours later our client saw a 30% improvement in average employee productivity.  For this small business this was $30,000/month increase in cash earnings.  Cash that the owner could put right back into his pocket.  You can imagine what the owner said?  "James, What else can you do for me."  What we learned that day was,

"...there are no technical problems, only business problems disguised as technical problems."

Since then we solve business problems that look like technical problems.  Our clients always thank us.

Check out our Services Page to learn more or continue reading about IT hostage situations.

What happens when you get out of an IT Hostage Situation!

Did you know that,

  • 20% of every manager's week (about 2.4 months per year) is spent putting out IT Fires!
  • $40,000 / hour is lost in employee productivity, when the "network is down."
  • The average network is down 7.3 workdays per year or 175 hours / Year.

By cutting the average network downtime in half, to say 99% availability you will see an increase of $1,000,000 in employee productivity.  Our clients generally run at 99.99% availability.  What would you do with the extra earnings as your employees began doing more with less?

Contact us for a discussion on how to improve the EBITDA of your clients.  After proving ourselves, I love hearing, "James, what else can you help us with?"  Find out for yourself.



Bird Dog Services

We have our own proprietary system for identifying potential business buyers.  Don't just send an email to your network and hope.  We will introduce you to interested and qualified owners, partners and companies who are waiting for the right offer.  

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