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Recession Proof:  Business & Technology Board Advisory

Recession: Risk or Opportunity?

Almost overnight, we have all been rocked with a community loss that has world-wide ramifications.  Our neighbors, cities and country are in shock after a major pandemic and possible recession.  It's not difficult to imagine we are all experiencing the first stages of grief.  

When you are past the shock, denial, and anger... know that there is a silver lining!    

"Never miss out on an opportunity, like a good recession."   Jack Welch

We just finished 11 years of economic expansion.  Let's face it, it was bound to end.  (Check out our article, Recession-Proof: Silver Linings) When writing this article, we realized that new companies will be disrupting every major industry (and starting some new ones) over the next few years.   In the near future, one of those companies could be yours!

An offer for you?

We help companies improve EBITDA, by improving earnings and reducing risk.  

Our record, for our client was a $30,000.00/month increase in just six weeks.  The cost to our client, was four (4) billable hours.  After 1 year the owner was able to pocket $360,000.00 without spending a dollar more.  (You know though that after that first 6 weeks the owners asked, "So what else can you do for us?")

We'd like to so something similar for you...,

  • We will sit as technical Advisers to your board for the first year of this recession, at no cost to you.

We have knowledge, experience (and the grey hairs to prove it). Combine that with what you know and we can get through this together.  What we find is that most companies use less than 5% of the potential of their systems.  Just by increasing that by 1% can bring most companies out of the red. 

But we can't help, if you don't ask.

To learn more about our this offer you can...,

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Want to learn more about us?  Check out this blog article,

Recession-Proof IT: Doing more with less

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