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IT Due Diligence Report!

Nobody would buy a house without an inspection.  As part of your home buying "due diligence," you will have a professional inspect for termites, dry rot, plumbing and other problems.  The home inspector provides a report of their findings.  As a buyer, you will use this report before making your final buying decision.

Too often, when buying a mid-sized business, buyers ignore the "termites," "dry-rot," and "plumbing problems" in the organization's technology.  Purchasing a company without an IT Due Diligence Report is like buying a house without a termite inspection.  (You might get lucky?... but probably not.)

What we include in our IT Due Diligence Reports

  • A Technology Assessment (The Good, Bad and what system(s) are likely to fail) 
  • A Team assessment (Is the IT team improving productivity or IT hostage takers?)
  • How to fix the problems (projects, tweaks, and changes to grow and mitigate risk.)
  • Missed opportunities (Ideas to increase earnings by tweaking the technology!)
  • A List of Changes (Business and technical changes that support your end goals.)
  • Estimated costs (Cost & material projections to on-board to the new organization.)

In our IT due diligence reports, we include risk levels, costs, and a checklist of quick projects.  Technology magnifies business efficiencies and inefficiencies.  What the IT Due Diligence report means to you, is a series of recommendations that will build efficiencies and reduce inefficiencies.  In the report you find the outline for a plan that will improve EBITDA, mitigate business risk and ultimately, show your investors a much higher return on this investment.

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IT Due Diligence Checklist

You may ask, why we aren't downloading an IT Due Diligence or M&A due diligence Checklist like everyone else?   

Not long ago, someone I didn’t know from New York, sent me a very friendly but unsolicited phone text to advertise and sell me their services.  I explained that I buy from local businesses with whom I already have a relationship.  I also requested that the sender  please stop sending these texts.  Afterward, I got a series of phone texts filled with derogatory four-letter words.  

I share this to emphasize that, until we meet each other in person we don't know your business, you don’t know me (nor I you).  I could be that person with a friendly text message, but behind the text, I may care more about my ego than I do about you.  So instead of a friendly “free download,” let’s talk first and get to know each other.  If we think there is something there, we can decide on next steps. 

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IT Due Diligence Services

Finally, let’s face it; most Mid-market business buyers aren't qualified to do their own termite inspection or their own IT due diligence.  Even with a free IT Due Diligence checklist, it’s just not enough.  Buying a business without an IT Due Diligence Report, is like buying a home without a termite inspection.  After the purchase, the buyer ends up paying (literally) in lost productivity and unmitigated business risks.  If you are planning to buy a business today, in a year or sometime in the next five years, we are here for the long term relationship.  Let’s begin build our relationship today by developing a strong foundation.

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