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Your EBITDA is what determines how much you can borrow, who will invest in you and how much you will put in your pocket when you finally sell your company!

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Recession-Proof: Doing more with less!

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How to determine company value? - (simplified)


Business Value =



Business Value

X Multiplier

EBITDA Multiplier

Many Investors ask, "You guys are business technology experts and spend most of your time in server rooms. What do you know about EBITDA, developing earnings, reducing risk or building business value? Can you actually improve my bottom line?"

Starting with the basics, EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) is one of the ways banks, investors, and buyers may assess the value of your organization. This algorithm measures real business value (BV)*,

Business Value = EBITDA * EBITDA Multiplier 

For a technical expert, business value (BV) is just a mathematical algorithm.  Manipulating algorithms is what we do.  Who better than experts at math, information systems and business to help you leverage an algorithm to build your organization's business value.  (Just ask Ford)

(* Note: Business Value or BV is how bankers determine how much they will loan to your company. Or how much they will lend to the person investing in or buying your company. Early adoption of BV algorithms is what the differentiates between top executives and executive outliers.)

Algorithms can be designed into your systems?

The value of small algorithmic changes to your business processes and business technology is the dramatic improvements that quickly follow. (An early client saw a $30,000 monthly increase, 6 weeks after just four hours of consulting.**)  BV algorithms increase business value through,

Increased Earnings
• Reduced Business Risk
• Reduced costs
• Increased customer satisfaction

Integrating BV algorithm(s) into company culture and technology is our expertise:

We work with our clients to help them better use their present technology to improve and automate business processes, multiply EBITDA, and ultimately multiply business value, earnings and profits.

(**Note:  What would you do with an extra $360,000 a year in Profits?)

What can Executive Outliers do for you?

  • IT Due Diligence    (pre and Post Sale, don't buy or sell lemons)
  • Business planning  (Identifying 30K income improvement projects)
  • Incremental change execution (Add $1000 - $30K in BV, 1nce a month)

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Recession-Proof IT: Doing more with less

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