The Executive Review


​​20% of your customers provide 80% of your income. ​We help you assess which customers best match your product or service.

who is your customer
Who is your customer?
Do you price it right?
What is your message?

The Executive Review

Where are you today? Where do you want to be in the future? 

This is the focus of the Execution review. Before investing in marketing or sales campaigns, the Executive Review helps you to:

  1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses inside the organization and in the industry. 
  2. Have a better understanding about who your target customer truly is. 
  3. Recommend paths for the management team to reach the final goal.

What is a business development Executive Review?

The Executive Review is an 80/20 assessment to identify
the top 20% of customers, sales team and potential customers in terms of profitability

We know that,

  • 80% of organizational income comes from only 20% of customer
  • 80% of sales come from 20% of your sales people
  • 80% of new customers, will only provide 20% of future income

What we find is that most companies are unable to identify the top 20% of customers and prospects.  The Executive Review is the information you and your executive team need to know about your customers, employees and potential customers to become the industry leader.

A top 20% customer will:

  1. Wonder why the price is so low?
  2. Recommend you to other businesses who will use your services!
  3. Will sell your product more effectively than your top sales people!

What we find is that most businesses create incentives for sales team to sell to anyone who will buy.  The best customers subsidize the costs of maintaining the 80% of customers.  Companies will spend the majority of resources selling and re-selling to the 80% instead of the 20%.  Often because the company doesn’t even know who the top 20% are.

The Business Development Executive Review is a report designed to identify what works and what isn’t working in an organization’s message and marketing process.

In the report we investigate questions like,

  • Who is your 20% customer (who could be and who is definitely not!)
  • Are you pricing your product/services correctly?
  • What is the message that attracts 20% customers?

The final report includes an executive brief which identifies risk, missed opportunities and recommend cost efficient: short term, mid-term and long term tactics to move the company in alignment with company goals and projections.

What does it cost? 

Our price is based on your growth… we don’t grow if you don’t grow. 

Think of it this way,

Knowing where you are starting from is just as important as knowing where you want to go.  Imagine a what you would need for a trip to New York if you didn’t know where you were starting from?

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