$340 million not spent on nurses

Supporting Nurses

I am sure it's the same for you, but when I'm in a hospital, I am humbly grateful for the nurse that is taking such good care of me.  They have worked hard to become experts in their field: every two years, our knowledge of medicine changes by 100%.  Unlike most professions, every few years, they are re-certifying and keeping themselves up today.  Because there aren't enough nurses, the average RN puts in about two months of overtime a year on top of their 40 hours a week.  The medical profession, including nurses, sacrifices to be educated and available to do the job of taking care of the sick.  I can't help but be impressed.

Was I ever surprised when I learned that 6% of every supplemental nurse's salary goes to paying a fee to a software vendor?  If I pay an email provider, you pay one fixed price for your email.  Whether you get 100 emails, 1000, or 10,000 emails in our account, the price is the same.  The cost would be about $20/month.  With all supplemental nurses, there is a 6% fee.  This fee goes to the software vendor that posted the job for the hospital.  That means that when a nurse makes $30,000 a year, an extra 6% (or $1800 / year) will be paid to the software company posting that job. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that was about $340,000,000 a year taken from the nurse and paid to the software company. 

Medical Team

Who pays?  In the end, it's the patient!  If you've wondered why heath Insurance costs so much, it's because these fees add up.  First, the software vendor charges the hospital. Next, the hospital charges the Insurance company.  Finally, health insurance charges you a health insurance premium.  For many families, medical costs are the second-highest cost for most American families.  (That's if they have insurance.) As a patient in the Pacific Northwest, would you like those 340 million dollars to go to the nurses or to lower your health insurance premiums?

What if hiring a hospital, posting a nursing job, cost as much as your yearly email?  Last year one software company earned 2.2 Billion dollars charging 6% to hospitals. Every year technology gets better, and it's cheaper to support.  Today we can do the software company's job for 10% of what it cost five years ago. We should see costs go down, shouldn't they?

Support software companies that are reducing the cost of hospitalization, while at the same time making everyone's life better.CNA Hiring


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