7 Masteries of the Executive Outlier


What is an Executive Outlier

If you only compare yourself against what’s average, this may not be for you.  This is for the executive leader whose goals are industry leading and personally satisfying.  We all start as babies  and even with every advantage, nobody is born an Outlier.  Becoming an Outlier takes learning, mentoring, practice, experience and then re-inventing yourself over and over again.  Today I want to celebrate this learning and the re-invention required to be an exceptional business leader and executive.

There are seven  masteries the Executive Outlier learns and re-learns over and over again throughout their career:

  • Network – Build an exceptional network of people prepared to help you.

  • Leadership – Be a lifetime student of leadership.

  • Managerial – Understand how to scale organizational operations.

  • Execution – Master integrating strategy, operations and people

  • Career – A career strategy that is about more than just working hard

  • Personal – Mastering soft skills, building charisma and developing self-awareness

  • Financial – Understanding it's not how much money you make, but how much money you can cultivate.

The true master in any field is humbled not by what the master knows, but rather by the realization of how much the master still has yet to learn.

We are dedicated to those who are or who want to be masters in their fields.  The reward is a life of unique experiences, personal mastery and of course prosperity. 

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