Align Management & IT with a Culture of Excellence


Leadership is one of the hurdles a business owner/executive experiences when scaling an organization. It’s easy to stay hands-on when a business is small. As a business grows, the business owner or executive needs to delegate.

It’s amazing how many ways a staff member, vendor or customer can misunderstand what is being said. It can be a struggle to let go. Not because it’s difficult to delegate, but because of communicate expectations which are intuitive to the owner/executive.

An excellent leadership culture is the solution.

As intimidating as it sounds, creating an excellent leadership culture is quite simple. An excellent leadership culture provides a foundation for outstanding communication and thought leadership. Growing a culture of excellence does not include documenting procedures for everything that could possibly go wrong . Anticipating potential issues can be important, but is not the core of a culture of excellence. An excellent leadership culture begins with a vision, a strategy and goals.

If the staff understands, believes and is aligned with the vision, strategy and goals, the leadership, it is possible to have a realistic picture of where they organization will be in five, ten, or twenty years into the future. 

When you watch magnets align together, it almost seems magical. The same is true in aligning an excellent leadership culture. It may appear to be magic, until the action-reaction and is understood. The responsibility of leadership is to maintain an alignment of the excellent culture by ensuring that all decisions are based on the vision, strategy and goals.

This is important to understand because it helps everyone understand many of the seemly technical failures in the IT group. After decades as an IT Consultant, I find most business owners/executives are frustrated by an inability to communicate with their IT Departments and service providers.

In most cases, IT department leaders are not mentored in an excellent leadership culture. Many IT leaders are often unaware of any leadership culture outside the IT group itself.

I also find that the IT leadership culture is not aligned with the organization's vision, strategy and goals. Instead, the IT leadership is aligned on the vision, strategy and goals of the IT Industry leaders.

The root cause of technical failures is not technical in nature. Instead,  the root cause of technology failures is a misalignment of IT departments and IT services vendors in regards to organizational vision, strategy and goals.

The solution to most technical problems is to mentor IT leadership in how to achieve an excellent leadership culture. A motivated and alert IT leadership team will identify risk and opportunities the organization was not aware of. has a 7-minute assessment online to measure where your business culture is now. Start here >

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