“It’s a numbers game” - Sales Hunting Strategy


If you think much about sales, "sales hunting” probably comes to mind.  Sales hunters get out to find new customers who have never purchased from their company in the past.  Traditionally this is a sales strategy I’ll call, “It’s a number’s game.”

It’s a numbers game strategy

In this strategy, sales people do whatever is necessary to talk to as many people as possible.  The idea is if you talk to X number of people, Y number of people will be interested and Z number of people will buy.  Once you know X, then it’s a simple matter to calculate the number of sales. 

This works because of a statistical reality.  At any given moment:

  • 3% of the population are looking right now for what anyone is selling.
  • 7% are open to buying.
  • 30% could be convinced to buy.

The goal is to call the right person at the right time.  This strategy worked much better 150 years ago at the turn of the industrial revolution because of weaker competition and manufacturers built products that appealed to most people. As the market and manufacturing evolved, customization became expensive.

Today, competition is very high and prices for products are very low. What people are buying is customized directly to the individual end buyer. So why are businesses still following this same sales hunting numbers game strategy?  This is a complex question.

Hunting Strategies are traditionally what we expect to see from sales people.  Sales Hunters are bulldozers in the sales world as they invest a large amount of energy and work. This strategy still works today, but it is definitely not an efficient strategy for finding new customers in the new world of technology and media. There are other much more effective sales strategies which get results more more quickly with far less effort and is more cost effective.

If you prefer the Sales Hunting numbers game model, we have tools and training to help you be more effective.

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