Response to a first rejection


I have had several people submit articles that I have had to reject. In one article the writer tried suggesting article titles. I want to encourage you to write articles, but don’t have the time to answer every email or try to correct every writer. Here are some obvious mistakes.

  • Often articles are thinly disguised adds, where the writer has ignored the recommended format.
  • Ignoring the format and submission requests will cause a rejection of the article.
  • Also, there is a submission link. Please don’t try to submit articles directly to us outside this link.
  • Stepping outside the process, won’t get you submitted any faster.

Articles go through an evaluation process made by members of our teams. Stepping outside our process risks your article not being seen by our team. Finally, to avoid the time lost in having an article rejected, please follow the recommendation on our Guest Article submission page and look at the types of artless that we have online.

I wrote this page after receiving over 50 articles where the author did not seem to bother to read the submission requirements or submit them properly. Here’s a generic response to those people who would try to engage with me directly to get their article submitted.

<Writer’s Name>

Thanks for taking the time to communicate. You have asked some questions about the article you will be submitting. I am tempted to critique each suggestion, but unfortunately, I do not have the time to do this for everyone. I reject far more articles than I accept. Part of the reason I publish the blog is for business leaders who would like to share their wisdom with the business community. I do not need generic articles that are thinly veiled adds or a chance to build links to your client’s website. If you have the wisdom to share with the business community, I am happy to promote your ideas as information.

My primary audience are

  • C-level executives for businesses between 5 – 50 million dollars in income.

Realize that this is an audience of strategic thinkers, not tactical thinkers. To understand this audience, you must understand the different between tactical and strategic thinking. If the article titles and topics are very tactical, they are probably not right for this blog. I would recommend submitting them to someone else.

Because this audience are strategic thinkers, this audience focuses first on the “why” not the “how.” In solving problems, this audience will first seek to understand the problem before addressing the solution. This type of thinking comes with experience and is very different from the approach to which inexperience business experts are attracted. Tactical solutions are not attractive to this audience.

Finally, titles that say, “10 ways to ...<introduce topic>” are very old fashioned. I am always disappointed whenever I read them. Someone who has built their organization to a 30-Million-dollar company is not interested in “The 5 secrets of exciting employees”. Someone in our audience could probably write a book on motivating employees.

As an example: I have noticed many articles with titles are focused on online marketing. Including generic information on terms like SEO and building Links. C-level executives, directors, department leaders and managers are not in the trenches developing SEO and Linking tactics. They are reviewing online strategy and what that means in the Internet age. An article on say, “5 ways to develop links without cost” is of no value to that the audience we are trying to attract with our blog.

As a writer, you already know you need to write to the audience. (Certainly, don’t think of me, the publisher, as the audience.) If you or your client is brilliant and has the wisdom to share with the business community, that is perfect. As a writer, your job is to express that brilliance from a unique point of view. Your goal is for your audience to ask the question, “Who is this?” When your audience asks this question, that is what will make your audience follow your authors link to your branded site. That is the value for you in writing on this blog site.

I am sorry I do not have the time to mentor you. Good luck with my next submission



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