Increasing Sales or Building Capacity - Which Comes First?

This is what you might call a Chicken or Egg question, "Which comes first?” It is a conundrum which can be difficult to answer and people affirm the truth to both sides of the argument. In this case, our chicken or egg can be equated to “Sales or Capacity.”

If sales come from selling widgets and the number of widgets sold determines sales, which comes first: The ability to make more widgets or the ability to sell more widgets?

Over the last 30 years, I’ve changed my point of view on this question more than once, depending on whether I was producing widgets or selling widgets.

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How to Cut the Red Tape With This Executive Review Template

When a business grows, additional resources are invested into “business change” whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. It’s interesting that most business change occurs without management planning.

These types of changes are purposefully small to get past the notice of upper management and are at times politically expedient to avoid “red tape” that slows a project.  Some are cultural and occur when new hires bring processes from their previous employer. In such a case, when management plans a major change, planning is based on outdated assumptions. 

To overcome the culture issues, outdated assumptions and operational 'work-arounds', an Executive Review offers a solution with a realistic assessment.  The experienced manager invests the time to validate his or her assumptions before making a major “change” to the organization.

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The Reality of Why Small Businesses Fail

Why do only 5% of successful businesses break one million in sales? This article discusses the repeating challenge small business owners and management teams must overcome to break multi-million dollar barriers.

If you ask this question to the average investment banker, management consultants, business journalists or college professors with a PHD in business management this is probably what they will say. 

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10 Questions for a Failing Network

Small and Medium size businesses usually can’t afford an IT department with specialists in every technology field.  So they hire an IT consulting company to come in and take care of the network.

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Modern Network Architecture – Technology Strategy

When I worked as a Seattle IT Consultant, CIO or technology architect for clients, one potential client was struggling with the concept of business strategy and asked me:

Give me examples of 'business technology strategy'. Define this for me. Tell me exactly what it is you put together for clients.”

It's a very good question and important question, though a little hard to explain.  Most people are either tactical thinkers or strategic thinkers, with the majority thinking tactically.  The simplest way to begin is to compare IT with Accounting. 

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