Evolving from a Vision 1.0 to a Vision 2.0 Organization

The Entrepreneurial Dilemma

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." - Reid Hoffman

Every business starts out as an idea. Put the right idea with the right entrepreneur and out of the thousands of good ideas, a single organizational foundation may be laid. From that foundation, a new organization is built. Building that organization is the first stage of business that we’ll call the Vision 1.0 organization.

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Align Management & IT with a Culture of Excellence

Leadership is one of the hurdles a business owner/executive experiences when scaling an organization. It’s easy to stay hands-on when a business is small. As a business grows, the business owner or executive needs to delegate.

It’s amazing how many ways a staff member, vendor or customer can misunderstand what is being said. It can be a struggle to let go. Not because it’s difficult to delegate, but because of communicate expectations which are intuitive to the owner/executive.

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User Shaming - Blaming the user

You have heard "operator error" and while inept users exist, system administrators too easily assume another error and say: "Blame the user!" EVeryone knows that humans are imperfect.

It is unfortunate how many systems administrators automatically blame the users.  I am torn between an IT services vendor and their client.  When a Seattle IT consultant I am often called in to help an owner fix their network.  Many IT services vendors are anxious when I walk in the door, thinking I may try to 'steal' their clients.  The good IT services companies find themselves with more work as I refer their business to others. When a project requires it, I work with clients to facilitate and translate the technical speak into a language business owners understand.

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