IT Infrastructure Operations & Problem Management

What does a standard IT department look like? We are familiar with calling a help desk when there’s a failure but managing an IT department is much more than just a help desk technician on the phone. By understanding standard IT management and support practices, the modern network architect can build a more effective network infrastructure.

General operations roles are made up of those who manage the daily systems of the network and those who fix problems found on the network.

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Profiting From Technology

It is common knowledge that Income minus Expenses equals Profit. Regardless of the complexity of a business, if profit is to increase either income must increase and/or expenses must decrease. Information Technology (IT) is works towards manipulating this formula.

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Align Management & IT with a Culture of Excellence

Leadership is one of the hurdles a business owner/executive experiences when scaling an organization. It’s easy to stay hands-on when a business is small. As a business grows, the business owner or executive needs to delegate.

It’s amazing how many ways a staff member, vendor or customer can misunderstand what is being said. It can be a struggle to let go. Not because it’s difficult to delegate, but because of communicate expectations which are intuitive to the owner/executive.

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7 Masteries of the Executive Outlier

What is an Executive Outlier

If you only compare yourself against what’s average, this may not be for you.  This is for the executive leader whose goals are industry leading and personally satisfying.  We all start as babies  and even with every advantage, nobody is born an Outlier.  Becoming an Outlier takes learning, mentoring, practice, experience and then re-inventing yourself over and over again.  Today I want to celebrate this learning and the re-invention required to be an exceptional business leader and executive.

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You are the Expert

I have a client that didn't take responsibility.  We had a long discussion about this. Imagine if I asked you for information about your network.  Then you said... "Hey, your the expert! You should make that decision."

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User Shaming - Blaming the user

You have heard "operator error" and while inept users exist, system administrators too easily assume another error and say: "Blame the user!" EVeryone knows that humans are imperfect.

It is unfortunate how many systems administrators automatically blame the users.  I am torn between an IT services vendor and their client.  When a Seattle IT consultant I am often called in to help an owner fix their network.  Many IT services vendors are anxious when I walk in the door, thinking I may try to 'steal' their clients.  The good IT services companies find themselves with more work as I refer their business to others. When a project requires it, I work with clients to facilitate and translate the technical speak into a language business owners understand.

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