Technology Predictions Your Company Should Invest in Today… for 2020 and Beyond

I’ve been in technology for the last 26 years. I was fortunate to participate in work study role after going back to college where I learned about networks and network technologies.

Way back then, during the first year I started, 'advanced' included:

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IT Infrastructure Operations & Problem Management

What does a standard IT department look like? We are familiar with calling a help desk when there’s a failure but managing an IT department is much more than just a help desk technician on the phone. By understanding standard IT management and support practices, the modern network architect can build a more effective network infrastructure.

General operations roles are made up of those who manage the daily systems of the network and those who fix problems found on the network.

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Profiting From Technology

It is common knowledge that Income minus Expenses equals Profit. Regardless of the complexity of a business, if profit is to increase either income must increase and/or expenses must decrease. Information Technology (IT) is works towards manipulating this formula.

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Primary Reasons of Project Failure and a Simple Solution

There is a triple constraint In any network architecture project. If a project is failing, it is likely one or more of these variables are out of balance:




To save a project, these variables need to be in some type of balance. It’s ironic how as a project fails, an excessive amount of energy is invested into the wrong variable much like pumping water into the hold of a sinking ship. Many project managers are sinking their project by focusing on only one of the three variables.

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Align Management & IT with a Culture of Excellence

Leadership is one of the hurdles a business owner/executive experiences when scaling an organization. It’s easy to stay hands-on when a business is small. As a business grows, the business owner or executive needs to delegate.

It’s amazing how many ways a staff member, vendor or customer can misunderstand what is being said. It can be a struggle to let go. Not because it’s difficult to delegate, but because of communicate expectations which are intuitive to the owner/executive.

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The Reality of Why Small Businesses Fail

Why do only 5% of successful businesses break one million in sales? This article discusses the repeating challenge small business owners and management teams must overcome to break multi-million dollar barriers.

If you ask this question to the average investment banker, management consultants, business journalists or college professors with a PHD in business management this is probably what they will say. 

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How to Sell Your Next Project

Do you know what technology glaze is?

Technology glaze is that glazed look in the eyes users have after listening to an IT consultant or expert for a few minutes.

How quickly do your non-technical audiences get that glazed look? Thirty seconds? Five minutes? Maybe it takes as long as 15 minutes. The deeper I get into technology the more quickly I find that my non-technical audience’s eye’s glaze over. This technical understanding technologists have is a form of political power we bring into the work place. Some see this political power as a form of “Job Security” and try to maintain the mystique. On the other hand being a poor non-technical communicator means we lose as well. The reason my clients hire me over and over again is that I can present technology in a way that is easier to understand than my competition. If you want to get ahead in your job speaking the language of business and technology will help.

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Modern Network Architecture – Technology Strategy

When I worked as a Seattle IT Consultant, CIO or technology architect for clients, one potential client was struggling with the concept of business strategy and asked me:

Give me examples of 'business technology strategy'. Define this for me. Tell me exactly what it is you put together for clients.”

It's a very good question and important question, though a little hard to explain.  Most people are either tactical thinkers or strategic thinkers, with the majority thinking tactically.  The simplest way to begin is to compare IT with Accounting. 

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