Nursing Agency: How to Double Your Profits


No really, double profits, finally take a vacation, increase business value and more.

This year we've been working with nursing agencies to help them fill nursing shifts.  What we learned about agencies surprised us!  While there is a high demand for supplemental nursing, agencies are seeing their margins continuing to deteriorate.  What this means for these agencies is, even with high demand, agency owners are working more hours and seeing less profit.  The good news is that after working with these agencies on their technology for a few months,  many of these agencies saw that their margins improve.  With some agencies doubling their profit margins.  If you think you could live with doubling your profits we'll try to explain how we did it for these agencies and how you could improve yours as well.

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Recession Proof: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cognitive Computing

In a previous post, we talked about Recession-Proof: Silver Linings, the article discussed how recessions are almost an incubator for Innovation. Innovation takes a business objective and accomplishes that objective in a new way that the industry hasn't see or embraced. In that article, we looked back at when Ford combined automobile manufacturing with the assembly line. In less than ten years, Ford owned 50% of world-wide car manufacturing. One point, in the article, was that to be innovative didn't require inventing new technologies.

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Rescission Proof IT: EBITDA Multiplier

Custom Bits, the key to longevity

How executives use technology to build business value

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