I hear you want to buy a Brewery?

Before you buy, think Sell?

Wait, that’s confusing. Is this article about Buying or Selling a brewery? Even a craft brewery, a small batch distillery or a small winery is a business. You may love what you do, but eventually, the ownership will be transitioned. Either to your family, a buyer, or maybe even your employees. Let’s face it; owning a craft brewery is more than just a business it’s a lifestyle. In building your brewery, you are also creating a community that shares your passion for your beer. When your brewery is gone and after the last beer is finished that community will have lost something. Whether buying or building your brewery, before you buy, think about selling first!

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Capital Gains and Selling Your Business!

The original title for this article was going to be: "You mean I have to pay taxes on this?" This was inspired by conversations with a number of business brokers, because someone who has owned a business for 30 years, just might forget.  If you own a business, chances are that someday will want to sell your business.  What some owners forget is that when they sell their business (and not everyone can), capital gains taxes will be due!  This article was written for owners as a reminder of how important it is to  'think early'.  

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