Strategic Speed Is a Critical Function of Leadership - Rick Justus

"Speed kills,” said Jimmy Johnson, world champion football coach. That single quote embodied Jimmy Johnson's entire philosophy of building championship football teams. Why? Because all athletes make mistakes while in the fevered pace of the game. However, fast players can get back into the proper position, which allows them to execute despite their errors.

Likewise, in basketball, the most productive rebounders aren't normally the tallest or biggest players. That's because, in that phase of the game, smaller and quicker beats bigger, stronger, and slower just about every time.

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Five ‘Right Brain’ Elements for Business Success – Drew Ness

Experts have debated for decades “why some businesses thrive and why others fail”. There is no shortage of information or opinion.  I find that most explanations provided are “left-brained”. They present logical explanations and appeal to those who appreciate “hard facts”. Usually, most reasons include poor leadership, poor planning, poor accounting, poor location, poor marketing, and more.

Most explanations see valid and there is not much I can add, I would like to share a few “life lessons” from my own experience which is more of a “right-brain” thinking process.

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