An interview with Brian Quint of Aqua Quip

Success is about more than just selling more fireplaces, spas and barbecues.”  - Brian Quint

After accepting our invitation to be a panelist for our event, I sat down with Brian Quint for a short interview.  The next Executive Outlier event is January 26, 2017.  We will be talking about “Why business will survive, thrive and fail over the next four years.”  Brian is the president of Aqua Quip and will be one of our panelists at this event.  

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Developing Your Inner Circle of Advisors - The Triad

Why is it important to have an inner circle?

For leaders to collaborate effectively, it is essential they have people's trust.  Studies show strong leaders consistently have circles of trusted advisors.  These circles of advisors are called triads.  Within these leadership triads, games and politics don't typically exist.  As an organization, members begin telling the leader what they think the leader wants to hear.  This leads to problems since leader is not getting the truth. An inner circle of advisors, a triad, ensures truth and wisdom is shared, without games.

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You are the Expert

I have a client that didn't take responsibility.  We had a long discussion about this. Imagine if I asked you for information about your network.  Then you said... "Hey, your the expert! You should make that decision."

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