Five ‘Right Brain’ Elements for Business Success – Drew Ness

Experts have debated for decades “why some businesses thrive and why others fail”. There is no shortage of information or opinion.  I find that most explanations provided are “left-brained”. They present logical explanations and appeal to those who appreciate “hard facts”. Usually, most reasons include poor leadership, poor planning, poor accounting, poor location, poor marketing, and more.

Most explanations see valid and there is not much I can add, I would like to share a few “life lessons” from my own experience which is more of a “right-brain” thinking process.

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Developing a Career Strategy for the Executive Outlier

Today the average person changes jobs every 4 years.  No employers guarantee lifetime employment any longer for any employee.  Even CEO’s for top companies have statistically average life of less than 3 years. 

The number one strategy most employees use is the “Hope” plan.  In other words, hoping you end up someplace good.  The obvious problem with this strategy is that long term success is doesn’t happen organically.  The Executive Outlier will have a career strategy that starts with a vision.  In that vision the Executive Outlier considers several factors including: Timing, preparation and execution.  Lets review some of the basics of career strategy planning and the types of learning and skills required to keep ahead of your game.

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7 Masteries of the Executive Outlier

What is an Executive Outlier

If you only compare yourself against what’s average, this may not be for you.  This is for the executive leader whose goals are industry leading and personally satisfying.  We all start as babies  and even with every advantage, nobody is born an Outlier.  Becoming an Outlier takes learning, mentoring, practice, experience and then re-inventing yourself over and over again.  Today I want to celebrate this learning and the re-invention required to be an exceptional business leader and executive.

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