Capital Gains and Selling Your Business!

The original title for this article was going to be: "You mean I have to pay taxes on this?" This was inspired by conversations with a number of business brokers, because someone who has owned a business for 30 years, just might forget.  If you own a business, chances are that someday will want to sell your business.  What some owners forget is that when they sell their business (and not everyone can), capital gains taxes will be due!  This article was written for owners as a reminder of how important it is to  'think early'.  

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Evolving from a Vision 1.0 to a Vision 2.0 Organization

The Entrepreneurial Dilemma

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." - Reid Hoffman

Every business starts out as an idea. Put the right idea with the right entrepreneur and out of the thousands of good ideas, a single organizational foundation may be laid. From that foundation, a new organization is built. Building that organization is the first stage of business that we’ll call the Vision 1.0 organization.

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How to Cut the Red Tape With This Executive Review Template

When a business grows, additional resources are invested into “business change” whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. It’s interesting that most business change occurs without management planning.

These types of changes are purposefully small to get past the notice of upper management and are at times politically expedient to avoid “red tape” that slows a project.  Some are cultural and occur when new hires bring processes from their previous employer. In such a case, when management plans a major change, planning is based on outdated assumptions. 

To overcome the culture issues, outdated assumptions and operational 'work-arounds', an Executive Review offers a solution with a realistic assessment.  The experienced manager invests the time to validate his or her assumptions before making a major “change” to the organization.

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What to Expect When You Hire a Strategic Business Development Consultant

Your leadership team has determined the present marketing strategy and sales tactics need to support aggressive organizational revenue growth and the service needs for your customers. Your leadership team is also aware of the need to better understand your customers’ needs and the importance of providing new and competitive services as the organization grows.  You want to avoid risks and pitfalls which often occur when making major changes to any business and/or technical system.

To minimize the risks and accelerate success with building and driving marketing and sales, your leadership team is now open to outside expertise from an experienced team such as Business Cloud Services.

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