Primary Reasons of Project Failure and a Simple Solution

There is a triple constraint In any network architecture project. If a project is failing, it is likely one or more of these variables are out of balance:




To save a project, these variables need to be in some type of balance. It’s ironic how as a project fails, an excessive amount of energy is invested into the wrong variable much like pumping water into the hold of a sinking ship. Many project managers are sinking their project by focusing on only one of the three variables.

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Effective Agile Implementation Methodology for Complex Deployments

Strategy is rarely the result of only one insight from a senior executive. Strategy, incremental improvement, operational improvement, and innovation typically come from the aggregate knowledge, learning, skills, and experiments throughout a firm.

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Problem Management

Use this article as a template example defining the sections in creating a probmThis article will help you to quickly identify the vision, goals and strategies of Problem Management.   Then outline a project plan that is readable for both the business and technology teams. 

Ultimately a project management plan works best when it encompasses the business goals as will as the technical requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLA) between the technical team, the business and customers.

Problem Management Mission Statement:

The objective of Problem Management is to minimize the impact of, and remediate problems. Problem Management drives the processes of detection, investigation, remediation, and reporting of underlying problems driving incidents.

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