“It’s a numbers game” - Sales Hunting Strategy

If you think much about sales, "sales hunting” probably comes to mind.  Sales hunters get out to find new customers who have never purchased from their company in the past.  Traditionally this is a sales strategy I’ll call, “It’s a number’s game.”

It’s a numbers game strategy

In this strategy, sales people do whatever is necessary to talk to as many people as possible.  The idea is if you talk to X number of people, Y number of people will be interested and Z number of people will buy.  Once you know X, then it’s a simple matter to calculate the number of sales. 

This works because of a statistical reality.  At any given moment:

  • 3% of the population are looking right now for what anyone is selling.
  • 7% are open to buying.
  • 30% could be convinced to buy.
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How Non-Technical Managers can Leverage a CRM System

Imagine a nice shiny bucket.  Now imagine continually shoveling sand into that bucket.  Now keep shoveling until the bucket is so full that it can’t hold even one more grain of sand.  With the bucket full, now put one more shovel of sand into the bucket.  What will happen? 

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7 Figure Customer-Centric Strategies

Throughout the history of American business companies that get ahead have used technology to provide them with a competitive edge. Ford invented the production line.

  • In Seattle a new startup can produce and ship the same quality product for 30% less than the industry standard.  

  • Another Seattle startup uses technology to teach clients how to leverage a 7 to 1 increase in marketing ROI utilizing IT Services described as Seattle Client Opportunity Analysis (SCOA).

  • A third Seattle IT Consulting Company designs technology strategies using SCOM type technologies that reduce productivity loss on the network by $35,000.

 Google sells mouse clicks. Technology not only levels the playing field, but gives small businesses a competitive IT edge against their industry rivals.

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