What to Expect When You Hire a Strategic Business Development Consultant

Your leadership team has determined the present marketing strategy and sales tactics need to support aggressive organizational revenue growth and the service needs for your customers. Your leadership team is also aware of the need to better understand your customers’ needs and the importance of providing new and competitive services as the organization grows.  You want to avoid risks and pitfalls which often occur when making major changes to any business and/or technical system.

To minimize the risks and accelerate success with building and driving marketing and sales, your leadership team is now open to outside expertise from an experienced team such as Business Cloud Services.

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Strategic Speed Is a Critical Function of Leadership - Rick Justus

"Speed kills,” said Jimmy Johnson, world champion football coach. That single quote embodied Jimmy Johnson's entire philosophy of building championship football teams. Why? Because all athletes make mistakes while in the fevered pace of the game. However, fast players can get back into the proper position, which allows them to execute despite their errors.

Likewise, in basketball, the most productive rebounders aren't normally the tallest or biggest players. That's because, in that phase of the game, smaller and quicker beats bigger, stronger, and slower just about every time.

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An Excellent List of Associations and Memberships in Bellevue to Create Win-Win Collaborations

Relationships are at the core of a strategy for B2B sales success. New contacts are essential and cold calling is ineffective. Social media tools do not replace personal one-to-one contacts. To connect with prospects and referral partners, the apparent solution is to attend networking events and trade shows but you may soon realize the rooms are full of others who are peers looking for the same.  

While you can easily find a long list of nonprofit associations and organizations located in Washington State here,  the extensive list is overwhelming.

We understand the importance of connecting at events and memberships, we took a few moments to research a variety of business associations on the Eastside (in King County) and listed them below:

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Effective Agile Implementation Methodology for Complex Deployments

Strategy is rarely the result of only one insight from a senior executive. Strategy, incremental improvement, operational improvement, and innovation typically come from the aggregate knowledge, learning, skills, and experiments throughout a firm.

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Strategic Business Development - 80/20 Strategy

Often businesses focus their attention on new customers in a business development strategy, even though they have the highest acquisition cost.  By instead focusing on current customers, sales happen more quickly.

The problem we run into is that not all customers are equal. Statistically, we estimate 80% of customers drain 80% of organizational resources.  Yet we know that only 20% of the customers provide 80% of company income. 

In an 80/20 strategy, we delineate our present customers to identify the 20% providing 80% of the income and the 80% providing 20% of the income.  We then develop customized plans to sell more solutions to the top 20%.

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7 Masteries of the Executive Outlier

What is an Executive Outlier

If you only compare yourself against what’s average, this may not be for you.  This is for the executive leader whose goals are industry leading and personally satisfying.  We all start as babies  and even with every advantage, nobody is born an Outlier.  Becoming an Outlier takes learning, mentoring, practice, experience and then re-inventing yourself over and over again.  Today I want to celebrate this learning and the re-invention required to be an exceptional business leader and executive.

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Strategic Business Networking - Leveraging Mavens

The most active and win-win providers of the three personality types of networkers  for Connectors and Rainmakers are Mavens. While there are extroverted Mavens, there are probably more introverted than extroverted mavens. This is valuable because they are very good at understanding complex and counter-intuitive problems. 

During events Mavens will be friendly, but most likely to the point.  They won’t be enjoying the social aspects of the event as much as the introvert.  This often means they are very focused on the reason for attending the event. They are likely to "get in and out" to maintain emotional energy.

Because they are counter intuitive, their audience will take a while to catch on.  Unlike the Rainmaker or the Connector, the Maven needs the most time to develop a great rapport and reputation. 

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Strategic Business Networking - Leveraging Connectors

What's a connector?

Imagine sitting down with someone who wants to hear everything about you.  Most of us enjoy sharing our lives, insights and thoughts with other people.  We all love a good listener.  The connector is probably the best listener there is.  Because a true connector is truly interested in you as a person.  Understanding people’s stories is one of the passions that truly energizes the Connector.  The Connector Strategy is dependent on,

  1. Developing a large network of casual friends
  2. Maintaining Regular contact
  3. Recording casual friends in order to track contacts made and referrals received
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