Get More Sales by Maximizing Your  Weak Link Network

I also call this the “Who do you know strategy.”  When developing a business strategy, we go to our weak link network. Write a custom email to each person in your network and If they know someone who could be a prospect, invite the weak link to have a personal phone call or meeting.  You can then discuss their connection and the best way to make an approach.  There are two ways to make the introduction and referral: 1) In-person or 2) by email. 

Weak links are people in your network you don't connect with frequently.
These are your best referral partners.

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Developing Your Referral Network - The Weak Link Strategy

Let's talk about how to develop and harvest business referrals from your network.  This is a well-kept secret top sales people already know.  There are some basic, common sense assumptions we make about networking.  We hear about people who create success by just using their good common sense in life.  Many suggest that if we just use good common sense, we’ll all be O.K.  The problem with common sense is that it might be common, but it’s not good. 

Topics: Business Development Weak Link Strategy Business Networking Executive Outlier Building a Professional Network