<Key Word Phrase Sizzle> 

So you want to <Key Word Phrase>, but your nervous because you've never done it before.  The first time is always the toughest.  It can be GREAT!... or it can be disastrous.  We can help you avoid disastrous.     

The reality is that <Keyword Benefit> doesn't always work.  To avoid failure you need a team.  We would like to be part of your team.  

What this means to you, if you are a <persona> just by reading this you have improved your odd of success.  

Imaging what it would be like if your <Keyword Benefit> was successful.  Would that mean growth, money, time off, or something you've only shared with those that are closest to you.  <Create an emotional Message>

If you want <Keyword Sizzle> on your investment, you need an Outlier adviser.  We'd like to be that adviser.  Let's see how we can help each other.  I'd start out with advice and the introductions you'll need for every step of the way.

My Commitment to you:

Here's what I can give to you right up front, 

  • Free Initial Consultation on <Keyword>.
  • Free advice on <Keyword> how to get started.
  • Free Introductions to vetted <keyword> advisers I know and trust.
  • Free introductions to other business owners who have already been through this!

That way you can be sure your secret is safe, while you are getting the best information and advice before you  to make your best decision.

During your Free/no obligation consultation we will share our secrets on how to, 

  • Avoid investment losses by recognizing the businesses that will never grow! 
  • Identify the the diamonds in the rough that need your skills to begin to shine!
  • Better negotiate the purchase of your new business!
  • Use technology to develop a faster return on your investment!

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The consultation will be with, James Murray.  He is the board present of the Business Transition Advisers.  A non-profit business association dedicated to promoting M&A business transition planning.  He is also the president of Executive Outliers, a technology company exclusively supporting business investors.  He has been working 27 years helping companies, like yours, turn their "Technology into a competitive advantage."  In the last 7 years he has been helping business bankers, private equity firms and business equity investors improved the EBITDA value of their investments.  Helping them build their investment portfolios. Take advantage of this free, no obligation, consultation by filling out the form.     

You might be asking, why we don't just offer a free checklist or report like everywhere else on the Internet?

Would you really make a multi-million dollar buying decision based simply on a free checklist?  Probably not!  If you want a book to read or other information, just call us.  We have books from 20 different local authors.  I'd be happy to send you their books.   Or we can talk, for as long as you'd like.  I'll even introduce you to the people in my network that you will need on your team.  Finally, if you'd like, I'll introduce you to other business owners who have have already successfully bought and sold businesses.  They can share the mistakes they made and suggest "next step" recommendations.  You can completely ignore me and ask everyone else for advice and never talk to me again.  I just want you to be successful.  If you are seriously considering <Key word Phrase>, let me help you avoid the pitfalls most people make their first time.  Fill out the form for your free consultation.   


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