The Execution Map


We help by filling the gaps in planning with building, deploying and training your team to use your new systems and approach.

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The Execution Map

The Execution Map ties the strategy, tactical and organization for growing an organization with modern marketing plans.  With strategy, people and the process, an organization is ready for developing growth. 

Modern business development requires:

  1. A strategic plan that understands the top 20% customer (We recommend an Executive Review)
  2. An understanding of the individual strengths of your business development and sales team(s)
  3. Modern sales tactics that leverage modern sales technology
  4. Real time reporting for sales team members, sales leaders and executive leadership

An Execution Map

Defines the business development assault on an organizational goal.  This map includes,

Strategic plans

  • Vision – The company “Why…”
  • Business intelligence – Who our 20% customer is
  • Tactical planning – How we will focus resources to find and delight our customer


  • Message – What will attract our 20% customer
  • Technology – CRM, Websites, reporting, big data systems
  • People – The team of experts that will find and farm our clients.


  • Pilot – The inexpensive testing that proves our strategy and tactics
  • Training – Training our people to leverage the message, technology and information
  • Teams – The people, motivation and process that our experts will be a part of

 The Execution Map is the blueprint that defines who our client is (and is not), the relationships each team will have and the value our 20% client will receive.


What this means to you and your organization

C-level executives are great at strategic thinking, but often that message doesn’t get to the end sales person.  The sales team keep doing what they’ve always done, working harder but not quite reaching the goal.  With the blame placed on the CEO when nothing happens. 

In our process, we link strategy, people strengths and tactics… then re-enforce this with technology and business intelligence.   Sales aren’t incentivized to favor the charismatic sales person who can “Sell ice to Eskimos.”  Instead the team is incentivized to find the 20% customer and ignore the 80% customer.  This

  • Reduces the cost / sale
  • Increases closing ratios
  • Reduces long term costs for maintaining customers

When the plan is executed, this will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors as your cost of sales and customer maintenance costs both go down.  At the same time your customer base is buying more as you focus deals and opportunities to your strongest customers.

Because our pricing is based on your growth… we don’t grow if you don’t grow.

Think of it this way

Climbing Mt Rainier is good practice for Mt Everest, still climbing (and returning from) Mt. Everest requires a whole different level of planning and execution.

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