Improving Earnings, Business Value, Risk Mitigation


Bird Dogging, Due Diligence, ROI Optimization


“Vision without action is a daydream.   Action without vision is a nightmare!" – Japanese Proverb



Executive Outlier Service Descriptions

Assessment Services:

  • "Bird Dogging" - Tired of depending on happy coincidence for your sale?  We take a different approach that provides you with multiple buyers for your client's business.
  • IT Due Diligence – If you are thinking about buying or investing in a company, we specialize in assessing  technology assets and digital strategies.  
    1. Pre-Sale IT Due diligence – Hardware, software, unique settings.  Business/Technology integration, SEO, Digital Strategy, IT organization, employee productivity.
    2. Security Assessment - Are you buying a company that was hacked?  Find out before you buy.
    3. Tribal Knowledge due diligence - Prevent undocumented IT knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP) from walking out the door Pre or Post sale.  
    4. "Help! my IT Guy quit" -What do you do when the IT Super Hero leaves?  We are experts at reverse engineering technology and recapturing lost IT knowledge.
    5. Employee Productivity Assessment - Earnings is the E in EBITDA.  Increasing employee productivity is the first step in improving earnings and building business value.

Earnings, Productivity, Risk Mitigation, ROI optimization:

  • "Doing more with Less" Employee Productivity improvement – Our record is a 30% improvement in employee productivity after four (4) hours of consulting.  That meant $30,000 extra in the owners pocket each month.  This 4 hour investment also added $900,000 extra to the business value and eventual sale of the organization.  
  • 50 cheap inexpensive projects every company should try - After they are finished, most IT project are actually a wash when it comes to business value! We have a list of 50 business projects that will  reduce risk or Improve employee productivity.  What this means to you is a better standing with your commercial lender or more value when selling your company.  Each project is low risk, can probably be done by your present team and will provide ongoing value year after year.
  • Get Out of the IT Business - Since 1995  owning your own technology has probably been holding you back.  Holding you back in ways you didn't realize.  Each year technology gets better, but only large IT organizations are seeing profits improve.  Though for you and most organization, IT Investment ROI is probably getting worse every year. For most companies only 2% of their IT capital budget provides 98% of the ROI on that investment.  The other 98% is a draw.  Your technology costs are an expense like water, phones, or even banking.  The professionals can do it faster, cheaper and more reliably than you can do it yourself.  That's why you don't dig and maintain your own well.  We'll show you the 2% of your technology you should keep and how to negotiate the rest for the best IT services possible.  IT Services at a low fixed monthly cost with guaranteed services level.  (Where your IT provider pays you back if there is downtime.)