In just a few words, we are EBITDA multipliers


Bill Gates - “… automation applied to an efficient organization will magnify that efficiency.”


Thriving in the "New Normal!"

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Vol.1

After 11 years of economic expansion, we are now seeing a change to a "New Normal!"  Our services are reflect the needs of companies that realize, we can never quite go back to the "Old Normal."


Outlier Services

"Never miss out on an opportunity, like a good recession." Jack Welch, former CEO GE

It's a mistake wait out a recession with heavy borrowing and lay-offs.  The silver lining with recessions is that the newest companies become the industry leaders.  Probably because the surviving competitors are deep in debt and fired their best employees?  To thrive in a recession takes strategic planning and project deployment skills.  Our support strategic planning and project execution.

Strategic Planning


“… much calculation brings triumph.” Sun Tzu, The art of war

Too often companies focus time, resources and energy on what once worked.  Ignoring innovation, that can capture a competitors market shutterstock_667752703-1share.  We offer a new look, outside the box at what competitors are not doing.  Including:

Due Diligence - Reporting that identifies where you are at today, and a fast track to get you where you want to be.

Board Level Advice - You need to know how to leverage new technologies and new ideas in your language.

Business Planning - Over 50% of business initiatives fail. There are 10 reasons why.  Our projects succeed 90% of the time.

90 Day Committees - Now Assessment required.  Start deploying projects in as little as two weeks that will make life easier in 90 Days.


Our Record - $30,000 dollars in 45 days

Our record return for our clients was measure 6 weeks after we started.  The total billable time was 4 hours.  That investment returned $360,000 dollars in earning ( 1.2 million EBITDA) in the first year.   What would you do with an extra 30K/month?  Pocket it or re-invest it?


Deployment Services

Executive Outliers Deployment Services

"Because planning isn’t enough, we must execute.  “Faith without works, is dead!James 2:20, NKJV

We tie 2 week deployment projects into your 90 day committee process.  Think of us as IT General contractors.  To solve the question, "What could we do in the next 90 days to make your life better?"  We bring technology teams together.

Marking Tools and Strategies

  • E-commerce
  • Online Community Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Networking
  • 80/20 analysis (Hunting, farming, referral Strategies)

Management Tools

  • Raw Data Analysis
  • Key Performance reporting (Dashboard & portal technologies)
  • “Tribal Knowledge” gleaning & documentation
  • Process documentation and analysis tools
  • Customer Case Management analysis and reporting


  • Account Management systems
  • Accounting systems (Including ERP solutions)
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing systems (Assembly line, Inventory picking, Logistics, Last Mile)
  • Industry specific solutions (Legal, Accounting, small manufacturing, Software, etc.)
  • IT Audit

Some Industry solutions

  • Geo tracking
  • Warehousing inventory solutions
  • Hospital “just in time” & “Travel” nursing/staff solutions
  • Document management Portals (IT infrastructure, Software development, etc.)
  • CRM applications (Sales, case management, “Follow the sun support”)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pre-Sales analysis solutions
  • Workforce Productivity & Automation solutions (Financial Services, Insurance, small manufacturing, diesel mechanics, service delivery, sales force optimization, etc.)

Build a new tool - Ball park cost

Do you have an idea on how to do something better?  Most people picture 100’s of thousands of dollars just to build the prototype.  If you Executive Outliers Build a Toolhave an idea, let’s talk.  with new technologies building is faster, less risky, higher quality and less expensive than it's ever been in the past. 

For example   Here is a Ball park on what it would cost for a small to medium size project.

  • Working Prototype – 1,000 hours
  • SaaS Application Production Ready – 10,000 hours

Without knowing what you need here's the cost of a typical project that returns 4 dollars for every 1 dollar spent.  (Note: Ball park Estimated Cost per hour is about $100/hour)

This is the usual cost for even solo-entrepreneurs.  If you have a good idea, and a strong market segment assessment, it might be worth the risk.  If you need help with market assessment, and finding customers?  We can help you with that too.