Growth, you want it, your employees want it and your investors want it.

Transitioning from a Vision 1.0 business methodologies to Vision 2.0 methodologies is the fastest way to break million dollar barriers.

  • 4% of of Vision 1.0 organizations break 1 million dollars in sales
  • 85% of organizations breaking 10 million in sales are Vision 2.0
  • 95% of organization breaking 50 million are Vision 2.0
  • Only 2% of Vision 1.0 organization transform into Vision 2.0 organizations

Vision 1 Vision 2

Growth potential is limited to an owner's ability to juggle everything. Symptoms that indicate this business model is failing include:

  • As the business grows, business margins decrease.
  • Profit levels flatten.
  • As the organization grows, overhead costs increase.
  • Owners & key leaders begin to burn out.

A Vision 2.0 model benefits include:

  • Increased margins as the business grows.
  • Profit increases with growth.
  • Overhead costs remain constant and often decrease.
  • Technology begins to amplify organizational productivity.

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